The principle of inner need

Beginning act waiting for the future  
Photograph by Francisca Ribeiro

For the last couple of weeks I feel stuck, like our water tube :), unable to finish the five different story images I've been working on. That makes me wonder that maybe this photograph might be the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new series… When I see it I can still hear the melody Blue Spotted Tail Song from Fleet Foxes,

 "...Why in the night sky are the lights hung?
Why is the earth moving 'round the sun?
Floating in the vacuum with no purpose, not a one
Why in the night sky are the lights hung?...”


  1. recoge tu presencia, tan etérea, tan fina y delicada, tan bella... ^_^

  2. A mí me encanta esta serie, sería una lástima que se terminara, aunque por otro lado ver otra serie nueva puede ser muy bonito. En cualquier caso, seguro que es una obra de arte

  3. me encanta........ un dulce beso mi nina.