Francisca Irena da Silva

This triptych was made by our sweet neighbour Francisca. She lives in Vale Figueira, a small town very close to our house and we're always so happy to have her at home. She's an amazing photographer and you can discover more of her work here.

Mum & Dad

Photographic series by Jens Selin 

Two weeks ago my parents came and visit Quinta, my mum helped us planting out first garden and my dad drank beer :) One day during the visit, Francisca’s brother offered to take us on a day trip to the sea coast. These are the photos from that day and even though the car broke down on the highway and a taxi had to come and get us, we still managed to see the sea  in Nazaré and on our way back we passed by Batalha. 
Thanks Mum & Dad for the visit, I love you!!!

On the train to Barcelona

On the train to Barcelona is my first stop motion experience, made with 215 images photographed in mid October from the floor of a crowded train, between Barcelona and Tarragona. The background scenery of this train trip is beautiful, along the Mediterranean Sea and I’ve started the making of this video in the beginning of November, when I came to this house in Portugal, already 6 months ago. Every time I was missing “my Barcelona” I would let my thoughts flow into the train photograms and for that, I dedicate this moment to my Barcelona friends. Part of me is always with you.*


Inspirated in the bricks of portuguese houses, pattern illustrations by Jens Selin


"Smultronställe" is a Swedish metaphor for a favorite secret place. A place meant only for you. Everybody's got their own "smultronställe" so it's always a unique experience whoever experiencing it. The word "smultronställe" means "wild strawberry place" which really capture the feeling of something secret and beautiful, but from a Swedish point of view.

Our time at Quinta das praias reminded us about the feeling of a wild strawberry place. But in another shape. Orange trees can't be found in Sweden so just wandering around among these you felt like walking around in a dream world.

In Quinta das praias we don't have a wild strawberry place.
We now have an orange tree place.

Thank you Francisca and Jens for that!

/Anders & Anna Maria


Photographic series by Francisca Ribeiro

I’ve decided to share some of the photographic archives of my family organized in a few series.  I find these images precious not only as visual memories, but also for its photographic value… I've called this series Baby roots