Oh little bird

Flying in endless circles, until we decide to go home. 
* * *

By the sea

Last weekend we went to Peniche, a small coast town to spend time with friends. We got to play some poker and we had pizzas and bread baked in a stone oven!! Many thanks to Joana & Rodrigo.

Beautiful apartment to stay in Barcelona

Our friends decided to give wings to their creative talents to rehabilitated and give soul to an apartment in Barcelona, in Gotic neighborhood, a bed & breakfast for tourists in Barcelona. You can tell everything was made with lots of love and art, caring for every little detail and in here you’ll find more information about it. If you’re coming to Barcelona or if a friend is coming, let them know about this lovely place to rest in!!

Congratulations Malelé & Beto for your beautiful apartment and *Good Luck*

20,000 thanks

Photos by Francisca Ribeiro 

This project is only possible because we can share it with you, so here goes our thank you for being there and here with us. We celebrate this special landmark sharing simple sights of  life and nature ... the view over the river trees, the plant with pink flowers that flew all the way from Sweden and grew and bloomed in our door steps, the naked top of the sweetest persimmon fruit tree, the survivor and Queen of the cats Mia, the foxy and loving companion Mimi, the house from a distance and

Number 47

Silver Blue series

This friendly Portuguese cow was marked with the number 47 and while doing the collage I wondered about the significance of this particular number and to my surprise a lot has been said about it, in all kinds of different subjects... 47 been the atomic number of silver does give a sweet taste of holiness to my silver cow and into the sacredness of animals*** 

...and for lovers of nature and animals, soon will come to light Honi mun's new collection, Animal Passion Honi mun ss2013 :) I can`t wait to see it!