El sabor de la ceguera

Muéstrame el dulce sabor de la ceguera,
lléname la boca con toda esa tierra
que no han sabido masticar los párpados.

Dime que ninguna oscuridad es insípida,
que sabes cómo destilar las sombras
que puedes beberte lo deshabitado
alimentarte de cajones vacios
desayunarte las grietas y los pecados.

Dejar un rastro de tinta en las servilletas
de cuando vienes de degustar los abismos,
y aún te queda un trozo de noche en los labios.

Enséñame a nutrirme de sótano, de rincones,
ven a cocinarme la penumbra y las cunetas
ven y dame el dulce sabor de lo desconocido.

I simply love to illustrate poems, thoughts, songs.. especially when they come from a place that feels so real. Jordi has this special gift, taking us in a profound and intimate journey and in here you'll enter his world of words. Thank you so much for the inspiration and I hope to color more of your poems :)*

By Francisca Ribeiro


Forcado is Jens Selin's contribution for Prisma Lusitano,  an exhibition with Create Portugal in the Sala de Leitura Bernardo Santareno, Santarém. If you have not been there yet, there's still time until the 26 october.

Ana Barbosa

As well as in photography, Ana is discovering the magic of aquarelle and last Saturday she made this beautiful sketch of our home door. We hope to see where her imagination takes us and find out more in her new blog!! 

Urban Landscapes

A selection of urban landscapes from the surroundings of Santarém.

By Jens Selin

Prisma Lusitano


video by Francisca Ribeiro 

A simple video giving a quick peep into the new Create Portugal art show in the Sala de Leitura Bernardo Santareno, in the city of Santarém. I hope it will encourage you to come and visit these different art expressions inspired by Portugal and Portuguese people, until the 26th of October. For those that are far, a little sight making you part of it too and discover more in Create Portugal blog.

Congratulations to the entire group and a special thank you to Rebecca for bringing us together once again in such a rich art exhibition!!*

Prisma Lusitano 
21 September - 26 October 2012
Sala de Leitura Bernardo Santareno  (Rua Pedro Canavarro, Santarém) 
Monday-Friday: 9h30 - 18h30
Saturday: 9h30 - 13h

Marcelo Dubbini

Photographs by Marcelo Dubbini and art direction by Marcela Romero

More beautiful photographs from Marcelo and the perfect moment to invite you to discover his photographic world in Marcelo’s new blog. A journey through his professional works as well Marcelo's delicate and poetic projects, delicious gastronomic stills, traveling captures and soon I hope to see high mountain views : ) ¡Muchísimas gracias M&M!