Between you and me

The all seeing eye by Francisca Ribeiro
Between you and me, photographic correspondence in progress with Anna Bresolí*

"Friendship is the universal spiritual attraction which unites souls in the bond of divine love, manifesting itself in two or more individuals. If you open the door to the magnetic power of friendship, a soul or souls of like vibrations will be attracted to you. Friendship is a manifestation of God’s love for you, expressed through your friends, who constitute the richest possessions a human being can have." by Paramhansa Yogananda

Between you and me

"Creo que soñamos para no dejar nunca de ver."

Diario de Otilia


Between you and me (work in progress)
Photograph by Anna Bresolí

When winter becomes spring

Photographs by Francisca Ribeiro 

Since May we are away from our ancient house, living and working in New York for a few months. Although we're across the ocean, I wanted to share my recently develped photos from winter and spring in my Portuguese homeland.

The Lamb and the Infinite

"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing
would appear to man as it is, infinite.
For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through 
narrow chinks of his cavern."

William Blake 
in the Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Image by Francisca Ribeiro  
Between you and me correspondance project with Anna Bresolí

Father and sons

To me, they all look like beautiful movie stars, but of course my opinion is not impartial since I’m talking about my grandfather and father and uncle! I’m so grateful for these memories that survived over time, keeping alive the roots, the ancestors that I cherish with love. 

Escaping everyday life, part 2

Sometimes we all need to escape the day to day routine, and if your friends invite you to spend the weekend by the sea, you know it's the moment to escape.

And then the water came

If you are wondering why there have been no updates for a while here's the answer, we are in exile from our home, Tagus river have flooded and we can't access our home. Last Sunday we went to Lisbon to celebrate Easter, by then the heavy rain and the water from the open barrages had started to flood the roads and we just managed to get out with our car. The water reached the second step of the bottom of the house and we’re lucky, the neighbors, the houses and our dear wolfies are all safe. We hope to be able to return this weekend and get back to creating! 

Photos by Francisca da Silva

Between you and me

...Los niños cuando nacen, los viejos cuando mueren.....  
Solo ven.

New photograph for the project Between you and me created by our talented Anna Bresoli and more of her special creations and fantastic worlds can be enfolded here. Inspired by her magic, let’s all dance together the Sun Dance to light and warm up our Easter :) happy holidays!!

Ana Filipa Monteiro

I’m so proud to share with you the photographic talents of our friend! Momentus is her first photographic exhibition, where we can feel her profound sensitivity and unique expression of tenderness. You can still visit the exhibition until the 28th of March, next Thursday in the Cultural Center of Carnide, in Lisbon and you'll find more information in here. We encourage you to enjoy and support Portuguese emergent artists and once again, congratulations for your beautiful show!!