Marta P. Moreira

“I’m in love with the ephemeral, modular and portable architecture, the virtue of modern times, I see new habitat paradigms in a constant change I think our home should be more and more thought as something in a constant travel, in mutation, waiting for the unexpected and of a quotidian full of surprises, knowing distant worlds walking in our home. Allied to this I see architecture like something that shouldn’t abstain the eco-sustainability and its own recycling only so can it improve and reach high levels.”

 “Sou uma apaixonada por arquitectura efémera, modular e portátil, virtude dos novos tempos, vejo os novos paradigmas do habitat como que em constante mudança acho que a nossa casa deve ser cada vez mais pensada como algo em constante viagem, em mutação, à espera do inesperado e de um quotidiano cheio de surpresas, conhecer mundos longínquos caminhando na nossa casa.  Aliado a isto vejo a arquitectura como algo que não se deve abster da eco-sustentabilidade e da sua própria reciclagem só assim poderá melhorar e atingir níveis mais elevados.” 

Credits: project designed by Marta P. Moreira, photography and stop-motion video edition by Francisca Ribeiro, lettering by Luís Alçada, wood work by José Belchior, construction work by Marta P. Moreira, João Dias, José Belchior, António, Jens Selin, Luís ALçada and Rubén Santos, space Espaço Forúm.


Marta's project Bottle Wall was born last November from the necessity of expanding the art gallery space. To do so Marta came up with this very original and environmentally friendly project to recreate this outside space giving it recycled walls. It was amazing to see how it was possible to go from theory to reality and to feel the amazing energy of team work. The stop-motion video shows the building process and its conclusion with a painting from Marta. She’s a very talented artist and architect and maybe she’s the one you’ve been looking for to design your dream project…. 

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