The Last Spanish Vacation, part 1

The concept of taking a vacation is a recent invention and has been developed through the last two centuries. Once the idea of travel and recreation was a luxury of wealthy people alone, taking a break from work for reasons other than weekly observance of the Sabbath, was frowned upon. In modern days we take it for granted, the well deserved break from work that allows us to charge the batteries for another year of work. With the current situation in Spain maybe vacation once again will be a luxury of the wealthy people alone.

By Jens Selin

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Silver Blue series
by Francisca Ribeiro

My voice may become feeble, fail and forsake me, and yet, with the silent, bursting voice of my soul, I will whisper to Thee, “I am Thine always!”
Whispers from Eternity #195, Paramhansa Yogananda


* * *

If you happen to be in Gijon (Spain) in the first half of July go and see Francisca´s solo exhibition at Mediadvanced gallery.

Love on a road trip to Barcelona

Illustration by Jens Selin

…plus 119 days and counting of sweet lalalalove and this Sunday our love will go on a road trip through Spain. We'll go to Gijon to do an exhibition, pass through Bilbao and be inspired by Guggenheim and finally visit our loved Barcelona. A year has gone by already, we miss all our friends so much and we can’t wait to hug you all :) See you soon!!!