Father and sons

To me, they all look like beautiful movie stars, but of course my opinion is not impartial since I’m talking about my grandfather and father and uncle! I’m so grateful for these memories that survived over time, keeping alive the roots, the ancestors that I cherish with love. 

Escaping everyday life, part 2

Sometimes we all need to escape the day to day routine, and if your friends invite you to spend the weekend by the sea, you know it's the moment to escape.

And then the water came

If you are wondering why there have been no updates for a while here's the answer, we are in exile from our home, Tagus river have flooded and we can't access our home. Last Sunday we went to Lisbon to celebrate Easter, by then the heavy rain and the water from the open barrages had started to flood the roads and we just managed to get out with our car. The water reached the second step of the bottom of the house and we’re lucky, the neighbors, the houses and our dear wolfies are all safe. We hope to be able to return this weekend and get back to creating! 

Photos by Francisca da Silva