Swedish winter lands, this year Christmas was without snow but it was still a beautiful one.

Heaven's mirrors

Polaroids by Francisca Ribeiro

Oh salty sea, so much of your salt
Is tears of Portugal!
Because we crossed you, so many mothers wept,
So many sons prayed in vain!
So many brides remained unmarried
That you might be ours, oh sea!

Was it worthwhile? All is worthwhile
When the spirit is not small.
He who wants to go beyond the Cape
Has to go beyond pain.
God to the sea peril and abyss has given
But it was in it that He mirrored heaven.

Fernando Pessoa, "Portuguese Sea", in Message

Matti & Julia

Julia Selin is my sister and Matti Sumari is her boyfriend. They are bouth great artists currently living and creating in Umeå Sweden. This portraits where taken this christmas

* Thank you *

Today we celebrate one year of our blog Quinta das Praias and we’re so happy and overwhelmed and grateful for all your visits and kind words. We’ve started this blog to give strength, structure and to share the art work of our residents and visitor, without many expectations. We are still struggling with the present conditions but we had so many visitors from all over the world, almost 10.500 during this year and we take it as a warm and loving sign that something good we are doing in this almost end of the world. Once again, with open hearts we invite you to visit virtually or physically our peaceful land. May the stars be our happy wishes of light and love for this New Year to you! * Thank you all * 

Fundação de Serralves

If you are in Oporto make sure to visit Fundação de Serralves for some good art and architecture.
Photos by Jens Selin

Luís Alçada

Illustrations of another world created by our resident artist and visionary man, Luís Alçada.