Birthday weekend

Last weekend was Francisca’s birthday and we decided to go for a little trip. We spent one night at the coast in Penedo Furado, a village between the Óbidos lagoon and Foz do Arelho beach. Then we drove down to Lisbon to celebrate with her mother and family.

Photographic series by Jens Selin.


These are some captured moments around quinta, filmed and edited by Jens Selin.

Raquel Fialho

Photographic series by Raquel Fialho

Last week I had the opportunity to visit my friends Francisca and Jens newest project “quinta das praias”, an artist residency, right in the middle of the field. It's a beautiful place to go if you're in need of inspiration, or simply to relax or meditate. I took a lot of photos!
Almost everyday I woke up early with the rising sun and the birds and walked to the river, drank orange juice with oranges from the farm's backyard (which I picked myself with Chica), and took a ride on a super cool bike that was much older than me.
They have a huge pilates ball that turned to be super fun, and with the night as it got colder they had to light the fire and the whole house got all smokey, like a big tribal ritual ahah.
Oh, and I was fascinated with the Victorian bathtub, I really have to come back with warmer weather to enjoy it more!
Thanks again to Francisca and Jens, and good luck with the residency!

Between you and me

Let your heart guide you

Between you and me is the name of the project shared with the artist Anna Bresoli. This photographic correspondence started in August 2010 and you can see more of this project and Anna's work here.