Misha and his friends

By Francisca Ribeiro 
Misha was our most energetic and playful visitor!! He has been with Filipa since a puppy and he is still like a big, fluffy and joyful teddy bear impossible not to love. This video tells a story of his love for his friends and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Weekend fun in the sun

Weekend fun in the sun :) we've had a good weekend thanks to a visit from Filipa, João and Misha, to our neighbour Francisca, Airpistols, meditation, river bathing and nature walks.

Photographic series by Jens Selin

Roots: The sisters

The sisters I never had the chance to meet were my grandmother Adília and my ant Elisa and, as little girl, l remember my unsuccessful efforts to reach the dinner table of my ant Francisca, a long time ago... by Francisca Ribeiro

The gentle storm

A few weeks ago we had a little storm passing through Quinta and I captured some harmonic storm shots, this is the outcome of this :)

Photographic movie by Jens Selin