Sweden calling, part 2

Once again we went to Sweden to spend time with family and friends. Thanks to everyone that made it special. I love you all :)

Passing the equinox

Passing the equinox, moving slowly through the golden leafs towards the grey season, makes me be so grateful for the earthly impermanence. With the first signs of cold and rain and wind I share these images from the hard winter of 2010, with the happy thought of aniccha!!!

Happiness on Grey Street

This is Jens Selin's latest print that's for sale @ grey street, barcelona. Feel free to go there and purchase one or just to enjoy the laid back atmosphere with a great coffee from Satan's coffee corner.

New art exhibition

We’re very happy to invite you to our next group exhibition. The opening will be next Friday at 18h in Sala Bernardo Santareno, in Santarém. This exhibition shows work produced by 21 international members of the Create Portugal network. The network welcomes members from all nationalities and backgrounds, who wish to share their artistic practice as well as pursue the development and promotion of their work.

The title, Prisma Lusitano invites the discovery of various perspectives about the essence of Portuguese land and people. The artists reveal their individual experiences of living in Portugal, using a diverse range of mediums and styles. In particular painting, photography, digital design and works in 3D.

Esperamos a vossa visita :)

Sweden calling

Once again we went back to Sweden for some quality time with family and friends. Big thanks to Elea & Christian for driving by :)

Between you and me

 “I feel as if I'm always on the verge of waking up.”  
                                                                                                              Fernando Pessoa in The Book of Disquiet

Golden fish  
for Between you and me series, photographic correspondance with the artist and dear friend Anna Bresolí.