3 x 1.6180339887

In search of divine art i've tried to multiply the golden section with 3 (the holy trinity). Using  a simple forms that have the divine proportion expanding it three times each time 1.6180339887 bigger than the last. 

Rocio & Antonio

While we were in Barcelona, the Quinta was protected by Rocio and Antonio, two good friends from Barcelona. They treated the house with love and left us some beautiful presents. A wood installation by Rocio made from an old window frame found in Santarém and patterned tiles from Lisbon. Antonio is a tea master and he brought us some very nice teas from his teahouse in Barcelona. If you’re in Barcelona check out this enchanted place Caj Chai teahouse, calle Sant Domench de Call, 12 Bajos. We hope to see you both soon!!

Barcelona in my heart

Last week we went on a little vacation to Barcelona, spending time with friends, enjoying the terrace of the flat that we borrowed. Time flew and even if we didn’t see all of our friends it was a wonderful visit. Hope to see you soon Barcelona.

Photographic series by Jens Selin


Today we share the talent and humor of Luis, an architect friend giving his first strong steps in the world of the political cartoon. He portrays the Portuguese current affairs, as well as the international stories and you'll find more in his blog. Great work!!

Until death do us apart

A few weeks ago we went on a roadtrip to seville to attend the wedding of Enrique & Inma. It was a beautiful moment of celebration of true love. Big thanks to Enrique & Inma for inviting us and to Juanfran & Macarena!!

Xénia Viñas

Soon we’ll receive Xénia’s visit and to open the curiosity box we share her last work El Mago from the photographic series Le Tarot. Discover her talent and magical touch in each Tarot card illustration here.