Vegetarian wisdom

About ten years ago something happened inside of me that made me stop eating meat. I simply could not justify the killing of an animal and from the core of my being I just knew that was wrong. Ever since then I've always have defended in my surroundings my choice of not murdering an innocent animal, not for survival (as proven by us vegetarians) but for the mere pleasure of eating it. It can be tiring to go against the stream sometimes, but in the end I need to do what I believe is right. This poster series is for me and my fellow vegetarians swimming upstream, a reminder that we're among great men.

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  1. Apoio! Eu já fui vegetariana por muito tempo e as coisas podem ser um pouco difíceis. Infelizmente voltei a comer carne. Mas sei que um dia vou dizer não à carne, definitivamente.

    *Boa Sorte para a exposição de hoje. Fico à espera de uma exposição no norte:)