Last October we had the pleasure to have the visit of the loving couple Enrique and Inma, both living and creating in Barcelona. Enrique sent us these beautiful photographs and words describing his unique experience in Praias. We find him very talented, a man of many arts following his passions as a geographer, cyclist, photographer, adventurer... and you can too travel with him through his words of wisdom and images in his blog Pasosypedales. Thank you so much and we hope to see you soon!!

After being born in the Sierra de Albarracín mountain range and going across Spain from east to west, the river Tagus crosses the Portuguese frontier and turns slightly southwest, where it completes its passageway – o Tejo – as the largest fluvial course in the Iberian Peninsula reaching thousands of kilometers.

The compatriots of Magalhães and Saramago have the immense honor to give a way out to this giant in a calm and complacent estuary, the Mar da Palha, a landmark where wetlands, salterns and cultivations express themselves like a fado, with that slow and melancholic sadness at the end of the tract. Then come the seventeen thousand meters of Vasco da Gama bridge, the charming Lisbon and its filigree design, the 25th of April hanging bridge and the Belém Tower, epilogue and extraordinary. If this country can overflow from some place, Portugal does it from here, without a doubt.

In its final course, in some place in Ribatejo region, oriented to the slope of Santarém, Francisca, Jens, Whiskas, Doctor – among others - live in the tranquility hideout, in a place where the sun wakes in the morning injecting energy, the walls tell stories of free masons, the wood squeaks like a brigantine at high sea and the spiral of stars darkens while expanding in all directions.


  1. Thanks a lot for your beautiful words! You know we miss Praias... soon there will be more images of our visit!

  2. Que belas fotografias.Para mim transmitem paz,sossego, ouvir os passarinho logo pela manhã, natureza e muita felicidade. :) **