Prisma Lusitano


video by Francisca Ribeiro 

A simple video giving a quick peep into the new Create Portugal art show in the Sala de Leitura Bernardo Santareno, in the city of Santarém. I hope it will encourage you to come and visit these different art expressions inspired by Portugal and Portuguese people, until the 26th of October. For those that are far, a little sight making you part of it too and discover more in Create Portugal blog.

Congratulations to the entire group and a special thank you to Rebecca for bringing us together once again in such a rich art exhibition!!*

Prisma Lusitano 
21 September - 26 October 2012
Sala de Leitura Bernardo Santareno  (Rua Pedro Canavarro, Santarém) 
Monday-Friday: 9h30 - 18h30
Saturday: 9h30 - 13h


  1. Fantásticos trabalhos. Gosto muito da música do vídeo.

  2. Sim :) elas fazem música linda!! Esta é Lucky one de Au Revoir Simone*