Love on a road trip to Barcelona

Illustration by Jens Selin

…plus 119 days and counting of sweet lalalalove and this Sunday our love will go on a road trip through Spain. We'll go to Gijon to do an exhibition, pass through Bilbao and be inspired by Guggenheim and finally visit our loved Barcelona. A year has gone by already, we miss all our friends so much and we can’t wait to hug you all :) See you soon!!!


  1. ¡Enhorabuena! Y que sean muchos años más...
    Esperamos veros pronto. Besos y abrazos.

  2. avisem-me quando chegarem!!
    chiquiya não sei se tens o meu numero 'novo' 634556336

    ps: hoje também é dia de celebrar por aqui... : ))

  3. Que bueno!! Boa viagem:)