The dimension of the Godless God


“You have to be in a very high state, in a childlike awareness. Just rest in the bosom of apparition, just being aware and that purity, your own purity will pull you through your own stargate. Like a black hole falls into itself, you’ll fall into eternity, to the gravity of your own nothingness. But if there’s even the slightest desire, you will not pass through the stargate of your own consciousness. It’s the transition from divine mind into divine consciousness, that is a very difficult stage indeed. You just have to be intensively aware, with no desire even for the now and when you’re floating in the vacuous, bliss in a state of crystal mind, then the magnetism of your own nothingness, the magnetism of your pure content consciousness shall pull you in your own stargate, where you shall fall into your intensity, you fall into your own eternity, because your spiritual gravity shall pull you out of the space time continuum, into the dimension of the Godless God.”

By Himalayan Master Yogiraj


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