A Path To Soundness

Image by Francisca Ribeiro

I’m so grateful to my masters and guides for reminding me everyday that magic is real, that everything is possible. I’ve made this tinkerbell fairy as a present to a very special friend and her little princess and since Reiki was in its origin I share with you the five Reiki precepts based on a phrase in the opening page of a book "Kenzen-no-genri" or "The Principal of Soundness" written by Dr. Suzuki Bizan.

"A Path To Soundness" reads:

Today only
Be not angry,
Be not fearful,
With honesty,
Perform diligently your duty,
Be kind to others.

Suzuki Bizan


  1. beautiful words... but I guess it was not difficult to you being kind to other, being not angry and not fearful... you're the purest soul I have met in life ^_^ Thank you for touching me with your magic wand

    1. Quem diz é quem é, is a Portuguese expression and it fits like a glove in this case :) I see you in your description, the tinkerbell both in the photo and in real life, loved friend with a giant heart *