Heaven's mirrors

Polaroids by Francisca Ribeiro

Oh salty sea, so much of your salt
Is tears of Portugal!
Because we crossed you, so many mothers wept,
So many sons prayed in vain!
So many brides remained unmarried
That you might be ours, oh sea!

Was it worthwhile? All is worthwhile
When the spirit is not small.
He who wants to go beyond the Cape
Has to go beyond pain.
God to the sea peril and abyss has given
But it was in it that He mirrored heaven.

Fernando Pessoa, "Portuguese Sea", in Message


  1. Precioso juego de luces y tonos, me encanta!!!

  2. Polaroids lindas acompanhadas com uma bela mensagem:)

  3. Las imágenes de polaroid tienen algo especial... transmiten un aura de tranquilidad, colores fundidos queno acaban nunca... Son preciosas

  4. Oh the magic of Polaroid and I’m running out of film... please let me know if you know where I could by more expired Polaroid and film! Thank you :)