Ginger cookies

How to make 300 ginger cookies :)
250 g butter
4 dl sugar
2 dl baking syrup
2 dl water
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cardome spice
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp neilkkc
1 tsp baking soda
13 dl white flour

* In a pan add water, sugar and syrup and when it boils take it out of the heat
* In a bowl cut the butter, add the spices and the content of the pan and wait until 
   everything melts together
* Let it rest and cool until it reaches the temperature of the room around 22ºC
* When is ready add the flour and the baking powder
* Let it in the fridge covered during the night, the dough is going to grow and get stiff
* Next day stretch out the dough until 2-3 mm e cut with a form
* Take it to the oven 200 - 225º during 4-6 min

My first Swedish ginger cookies as a Christmas gift made with lots of love. 
Thank you Johanna * from Francisca


  1. They look so sweet ^_^ I am sure they are delicious!! The hand drawed gift boxes give them the final and perfect touch... You have to tell me how to cook them! Muak!!

  2. They came out nhamy nhamy and are perfect to go with coffee or tea. I think the cookies were a good side effect of living in a peaceful country side :) I have the recipe at home and I’ll share it when I return in the new year!! *MuchosBesos*

  3. Eu adorava saber fazer! Vou ficar à espera da receita. O resultado final ficou perfeito ♥ beijinhos

  4. Sim, está combinado!! Lá para dia 6 de Janeiro visita o post e encontrarás os cookies secrets :) Beijinhos

  5. I'm so glad you really enjoyed the process of making and giving them away. Lots of love from us!