A friend of mine

A friend of mine, soul reader, told me some time ago that my place was in Nature, that was going to help express and develop my art. “Go back to the trees” …was the sentence that was constantly appearing in my thoughts. 

In contrary to what the system says, I like to believe that we should flow in life like a river. Like a leaf that floats in the course of a river supported by the detours of the little waves, pushed by the branches, and flowing with the sound of the Universe to some determined destiny. –“Don’t make planes for Life so you don’t spoil the plans Life as for you”. – The system says we have to fight for life. Competition, instead of mutual help, is something that we are motivated to since school time, and much more other nonsense that format us since the beginning of our supposed education.  

Like this I’ve meet Jens and Francisca. They’ve invited me to visit their home in Quinta das Praias, and they showed me a little house next to theirs. I’ve accepted right away their invitation to change. Quinta das Praias is located in an oasis of trees, surrounded by huge fields of agricultural plantations. A few hundred meters ahead is the rive Tagus in its wild state, with big islands of branches and logs in which the big birds land. At 2 km the city of Santarém, at 80 from Lisbon.

Jens and Francisca are beautiful beings. Wise in spirit and Art, yoga lovers, the ideal companions for who shares the same ideals and life philosophy. Twenty years of age difference for me, but in the matters of the soul, we know time doesn’t exist. A year ago they’ve left Barcelona and came to Santarém, to start the project of a residency for artists. And I am the first resident artist. I hope this is the beginning of something big.

by Luís Alçada

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