Between Trollhättan & Stockholm

This summer I took the train from Trollhättan to Stockholm to see a good friend of mine. It was a beautiful six hour trip and time flew through forest and lakes, forest and lakes, forest and lakes. The sky looked slightly different… I guess that happens when your point of view changes. It makes you feel that it could be another planet, greener, made of red wooden houses with trolls and fairies and little children with silver hair and magnetic blue eyes. It looked like a beautiful place to be. 


  1. el cielo está precioso ^_^ Parece que cada lugar del mundo tenga una luz especial, verdad? Que poquito falta ya para vernos, weeeee

  2. Suecia es un encanto y su cielo.. cuando está limpio es increíble, parece que está lejos y cerca a la vez...
    Ya queda muy poco, fiesta fiesta y espero poder compartir también el arte de honi mun*