Flooding river

Last week I was listening to Flooding river when I realized that the land around us was actually been flooded by the rain and river waters. Following the stream, the idea came to show the beauty of the broken boundaries, where the sky silver clouds are reflected in the mirrors of the land. We were fortune to experience the splendor of the flooding waters without seeing its face of isolation and destruction. Soon the sun and the fog took the place of the rain and little by little the improvised lakes returned to its natural vessels in the ground and in the air. We send our sincere sympathies to the brave Brazilians that are now suffering the tragic destruction of mother earth violent floods.

Filmed and edited by Francisca Ribeiro


  1. Ni ser ut att ha det bra Jens. Hoppas livet är bra och du mår bra./Jon

  2. my sweet little dove!! First of all, congratulations for giving Quinta das Praias a new life. I hope this project will take your dreams and abilities as far in the sky as your wings!! I miss you a lot.

  3. That's a nice place full of Geography!!! I like it, of course.
    Best wishes for both of you and your nice little baby-project,

  4. T(ouch)ing. Hard to dispell the disaster and regard the seeds of new beginings. But life grows... as it will in that artistic castle you´ve dream before.

    A piece of your art remains in mine.

  5. Paloma! Te extraño. And congratulations on your new adventure. I love everything I see, hear and feel. Keep it up Chica.

  6. Thank you so much... We wish you can all be our guests soon!